NJFCC Print Competition Guidelines

Print Competition Requirements

The subject matter of these competitions is open, so submit your very best work. This is an opportunity to stack your work up against that of other camera club members in the state. Accepted entries are scored independently by three judges. The reported score is the accumulated total of the three judges. No critique is provided.

There are two categories of print competition - Color and B&W - with one level of competition in each. Thus, beginner intermediate and advanced works are judged against each other in the respective category. Up to three entries per maker, in Fall and Spring competition are permitted. See note below for Tops competition.

Entries must be submitted at the designated CdCC club meeting. The CdCC print competition chair will select club entries from the submitted images, up to the club's limit of 24 entries per category. Priority will be given to the best image from each maker. Any remaining slots will be filled based on merit. Prints not selected for submission to the NJFCC may be resubmitted at a future competition..


  1. Size: Prints and backing shall be no less than 8" x 10" and no more than 16" x 20". Flush mounting is permitted but not required.
  2. Backing: Print must be mounted on a single weight mat board or on a foam core. Single weight mat board is about 1/16" thick.
  3. Overmat: Window over-mats are not permitted.
  4. Text: No text or symbols shall appear on the print or on the front of the backing board.
  5. Label: Attach a label to the top, left corner of the back of each submission, in legible printing, indicating the Title, Maker, Maker's email address and Category (Color or B/W).

    Print Label

    Official NJFCC competition entry labels will be generated and placed in the upper, right corner by the competition committee.
  6. Foreign Matter: No foreign matter is permitted on a print (front or back) that may cause damage to other prints. No frames, glass, wire, staples, masking tape, adhesive, etc.
  7. Resubmissions: Makers may not resubmit a print that has already won an award or HM in an NJFCC print competition except in the "Tops In New Jersey" competition. Also, images previously entered into an NJFCC projected image competition may not be submitted to a print competition. For the purpose of this rule, nearly the same images, and color or B&W versions of the same image are treated as the same image.

Note: The once per year Tops in New Jersey competition allows one print per maker. The print does not need to have been entered into any previous competition to be eligible for Tops, and if entered, it need not have received an award. A print may only be entered into a Tops competition one time.


Please check the calendar on this web site for NJFCC competitions.

Competition Results

Results are published in the NJFCC newsletter, Cable Release.

Other Information

The official NJFCC rules are available in PDF form by clicking here. There are a few other rules that should be noted. Be aware that there are only two regular print competitions plus a Tops in New Jersey print competition.


If you have any questions regarding NJFCC print competitions, please contact Tam Stuart tamstuart@cranburydigitalcameraclub.org